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Children learn by doing what they do best…playing!  Decades of research has proven that play is an integral part of a child’s skill development, social development, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.  Play-based activities are rooted in basic social skills such as sharing, taking turns, self-control, making friends, following instructions, problem solving and getting along with others. Play allows children to master the skills and build the foundation needed to thrive in an academic setting.

Our play based curriculum offers children time to explore, socialize with peers, make connections and move about the room at their own pace. Our day is a balance of teacher guided exploration through learning centers and a predictable routine of circle time, snack, inside/outside play time, story time, art, and  lunch.

Sample Daily Schedule: 

  • 9:00 -10:00 Arrival and free play (blocks, books, manipulatives, housekeeping, etc.)
  • 10:00 Clean up, circle time with music and movement
  • 10:20 Snack
  • 10:30 Gym and/or outside play space
  • 11:00 Circle time with read aloud
  • 11:15 Art and sensory play
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 12:00 Dismissal